It’s a common saying that the best things in world come out of passion. And while it’s true that everything we do at Deliverance, we do with passion and pride, the true motivation behind us is always spite. Spite against comlicated, bloated, expensive and out-of-field approach to IT management. Fortunately, we do things a bit differently.

IT is just a tool to get stuff done. Nothing more nothing less. Planned and executed properly theres no need for constant hassle. We keep things in check so you can focus on the core business.

Blame game is something we don’t like to play. When things don’t work as they’re supposed to, our job is to fix it. Not to waste your time with excuses.

One man, small, medium or big – we dont care about the size of your business. All we do is deliver the tools and the support for you to do your thing properly.

Time to take a breath and let the machines do the work.

What we do?

  • Create IT-Infrastructures and support services tailored for the client’s needs.
  • Solutions scaling from one man armies to enterprise level.
  • Make mixed machine enviroments and mobiles to work seamlesly together.
  • See that your data is safe wherever you go and accessible when needed.
  • Set your servers to serve you.
  • Set your workstations to as efficient as ever.
  • Make sure that you get the best support and SLA if things go sour.


Radikal Advertising

Deliverance created the whole infrastucture from scratch using existing hardware base. Now workstations work, data is secure, mobiles are in sync and connections are slick.


Partner. Consultancy on customer cases involving mac workstations. R&D of virtual desktop on mac based systems and integration. POC available.

Nordic Ferry Center

Planning & development of mobile access to intranet. Device Support.
Nordic Ferrycenter

Underground sound of Helsinki

Planning, build & support for the IT used in the UG sound studio.


Deliverance Oy
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